Godzilla tribute compilation


MAMMOTH – In this Dying Moment
TERMINAL LOVERS – Mr. Astronaut Glenn
SLOTH – If I were Godzilla
HANGNAIL – Invasion of the Neptune Men
GIGANTASAURUS – Reptilian Tonnage
SPACE FACE – Leen Grizzard
FISTULA – King Kong is Dead
DOT(.) – Nonresistance City
NEGATIVE REACTION – Godzilla vs. Noo Yawk
RWAKE – Smog Monster
LEVIATHAN A.D. – By North Star, Gamera
3RD DEGREE BURNOUT – Anarchy Fell Through
THE CRUNKY KIDS – Gojira No Gyakushu
SOLACE – Mother Godzilla

Shifty Records – SH14, 2003

All exclusive tracks. The video for Mr. Astronaut Glenn is included as a bonus on the CD edition of Drama Pit and Loan, but the audio track was only available on this compilation.

Cosmic Lava

“TERMINAL LOVERS, who had already released an album through Shifty Records are also very different from all the sludge bands here, and I like their energetic heavy rock, that is embedded in electronic sounds, what gives “Mr. Astronaut Glenn” a psychedelic touch as well as an industrial aura.”